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Report on Vietnam seafood products



Production and export statistics and principal analysis by sector (shrimp, pangasius, marine products of Vietnam) in 5 years (2015 - 2019)

Report on seafood Markets

The United State (2014 - 2018); China (2015 - 2019) 

Information and statistic during 5 years about Vietnamese seafood production and trade with each market in the world

Quarterly Report on Vietnam Seafood Exports

Report on Vietnam Seafood Exports is quarterly issued by VASEP, providing and analyzing highlights of Vietnam seafood exports. The report provides updated information and accurate statistics on seafood imports and exports by each main seafood including shrimp, pangasius, tuna, cephalopod, mollusks, crabs and surimi.

Report On Vietnam Seafood Exports analyzes supply capacity, competitiveness of Vietnam seafood businesses in importing markets and Vietnam’s position against competitors.

Report On Vietnam Seafood Exports analyzes opportunities and potentials of Vietnam seafood industry, forecasts trends of seafood production, exports and import, both in the in the short and long term.

The Report brings you insights of seafood imports and exports of Vietnam’s importing markets and exporting countries as well as forecasts trends of demand in importing markets.

The Report is a useful reference to help fisheries importers and researchers with deeper understanding of Vietnam seafood production and exports and access to the reputed and high quality seafood suppliers.​

 To see more details, please clicks here http://seafood.vasep.com.vn/505_13560/seafood-reports.htm


Location of Vietnam’s seafood companies

The Map is designed with two sides including locations of seafood processing plants across the country and many other information such as contacts, main products. Maps can be used for wall hanging or folded pocket. Annual updates

Price: VND 110,000 (VAT included)

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Pangasius 26 Q&A

This booklet was prepared for the readers to easy understand about Vietnamese Pangasius and Pangasius industry.

The booklet compiled under the Q & A form provides basic knowledge of pangasius, techniques of farming and processing, quality management, information of importers and the government’s regulations on breeding, processing and exporting specific fish products.

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